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Authorization to Collect Alabama Award

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Know all men by these Presente, That whereas we, the Owners of the Ship Ocmulgee have duly authorized William W. Crapo to collect and recieve from the United States the Alabama award for the catch of the said ship,

Now thesefore we the undersigned being all the parties interested in said award as owners of said ship do hereby authorize, empower and direct the said Crapo to hold the same after deducting the expense of collection in Trust for the following purpose-

First. To reserve a sufficient sum to settle with the officers and crew and to settle with and pay off the said officers and crew-provided however that the amount so reserved on the lay of Capt. Abraham Osbornr shall be made up upon the 1/16 lay. Also to reserve the amount of two bills against said vessel and owners in favor of S. Osborne Jun.- one for $1.75 and one for $14.00 with interest on the same, which are to be paid to said Osborne.

Second. To pay over immediately to the owners their pro rata proportion of all of said funds not required under the provisions of the for going section after paying the expenses of this trust, which expenses shall first be approved by Hon. Samual Osborne and Rev. Mr. Gannett.

Third. The Trustes may employ all necessary clerical assistance and may employ an Agent for whose acts hr shall be responsible.

Fourth. In case any balance shall be left after settling with the crew to pay over said balance to the said owners

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