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Avoid the Gold Rush

New Bedford 3 mo 4, 1849
Capt. Henry Manter
Ship Virginia Dear Sir,
Since we last wrote you the gold fever has broken out in California. It will subside in less than a year from the time it broke out Should any of your crew or officers, be taken with it, and wish their discharge, by no means comply with their request, but do everything in your power to prevent any of your ships company leaving and more especially your officers. More than 1/2 the whaling fleet will be withdrawn from the business succeed in the course of the next ensuing 12 months. Therefore all you that hang to your business succeed in obtaining a voyage will make more gold than any of the diggers in California. When you are in port recruit well and stay out as long as possible. Please write every possible opportunity. Write by mail across land and they will come in a much shorter time. Wishing you health and success. we remain
Your Friends
Hathaway and Luce
P.S. Your family are all well

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