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Letter from Hathaway and Luce to Capt. Henry Manter

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New Bedford 8 mo. 29. 1849

Capt. Henry Manter

Ship Virginia    Dear Sir,

Although it is but a short time since we wrote to you, we cannot let a good opportunity pass without again saying to you that your last communication dated off Callao apl.20th/49 was very satisfactory, and was glad to find that you had come to the right conclusion, that is, to cruise four years for sperm oil and there if not full, head for home. That is our views, and we repeat that you cannot do better than to carry them out with patience perseverance, you will be sure in that time to get oil enough to make a splendid voyage if you do not fill. But we think you will be full before that time. The whaling business never looked better than it does now and whoever procures a cargo of sperm oil within 3 or 4 years from this time will make a great voyage. All those that pursue their whaling business with energy and determination will suceed, and make money fast enough to satisfy any reasonable man. Have nothing to do with the California Gold Humbug and avoid every thing connected with it, during the time you are cruising for sperm oil, let nothing pass you that will make oil, for oil of every description, must and will be high when

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