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Letter from Jared Jernegan to Laura, 1869

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I am on Board of the Bark Roman

Oct 4th 1869


My Dear little Daughter,

I think you will be glad to have a letter from your Papa, so I will write you that you may know I think of my little daughter. you will see me in a few days after you receive this. I shall be very happy to see you, and Prescott, and I shall be very much pleased o see your dear Mama, (wont I Helen) do you want to go on Board of the Roman, do you remember how Prescott used to git up on to the pump I expect he is a Buster Boy I think we will all be very happy to see one another. do you like Honolulu. do you receive many letters from your friends at home. would you not like to see Almer, I would. I wrote him a letter and sent it to him [?] of San Francisco. I expect you will soon learn to write letters. those you sent me pleased me very much. you know you are all the little girl your Papa, has got and I love you a grate deal I expect I shall be proud of you when you are a young Lady and have a nice fine Pianio. if you are good to your Mama, you will have lots of nice

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