Food and Celebrations, continued

Christmas, on the other hand, didn't seem as important as it was rarely mentioned in formal logs. Special treats like cheese or mince pie may have been offered or even a cup of "grog," a mixture of rum and water. It's been said that holidays and birthdays were more likely to be celebrated if there was a woman on board.

Tobacco and Alcohol on Board

Many sailors found comfort from lousy food with tobacco. Some veteran whalemen would keep a piece of chewing tobacco in their mouths during the day and when not on duty, in their pipes. Tobacco was widely thought of as the best way to calm an unsatisfied stomach as well as the discomfort of long months at sea. It has been said that each man consumed between 100 and 200 pounds of tobacco on an average 3 year voyage.

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Wikimedia Commons Lytras Nikiforos