Traders and Missionaries

Traders tended to come after the whalers had been through the area. So, the missionaries and traders also affected the native peoples' cultures, bringing Christianity, English language learning, and new products the native people wanted.

The whalers affected the native peoples somewhat differently from the ways the missionaries and traders affected them. While it is hard to separate out what changes occurred specifically as a result of the whalers, we can notice a few changes that seem to have happened as a result of the native populations' interactions with the whalers.

The native peoples were interested in trading goods with whaling crews. They provided the whalers with trees used for fire wood on the ships and for ship repairs. Food and supplies, such as pigs, vegetables and fruit were traded as well as tortoiseshell that the whalers took and sold back home. In return whale crews gave the native people trinkets, such as beads and mirrors.

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