Golden Age of Childrens' Books cont.

Although there was movement away from stories written with religious overtones, it still played a pivotal role. A huge amount of religious materials and openly moralistic themes continued to be available.

By the end of the century, some of history’s most influential authors were writing the books that have become the classics of today. Not only were their words conveying new ideas reaching new audiences, but the art that accompanied text did as well. Many of the century’s most innovative illustrators found children’s publications a viable outlet for their work.

Between 1868 and 1871, the Jared Jernegan family was either on board the bark Roman or in Honolulu, Hawaii. Laura was six and her brother Prescott was two and a half when they left their home in Edgartown, Massachusetts. Their mother Helen, a former schoolteacher, was responsible for homeschooling the children as they learned to read and write during this period.

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