Nursery Magazine was a periodical published between 1867 and 1881 in Boston. Along with lovely illustrations, the magazine also contained stories, poetry and plays that Laura and Prescott might have enjoyed.

Another choice could have been Parley's Magazine for Children and Youth , also published in Boston. The instructional focus of children's literature was evident in this twice monthly magazine, founded by Samuel Griswold Goodrich in 1833. The magazine as well as his books, embraced geography, travel, natural history, science, biography, and Bible stories. Goodrich, an American author and publisher, originated the pseudonym "Peter Parley" who created a delightful little children's book called Peter Parley's Winter Evening Tales, among others.


The original geographical adventure book was an adult novel by Daniel Defoe. The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York, Mariner was first published in 1719. Defoe

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