Mutinies with Vineyard Connections

Although there are many famous mutinies in history, the following five vessels had some Vineyard connection and they all experienced some form of revolt by crew. Like the Roman, they each illustrate the different dynamics behind mutinies at sea.

The Whaleship Globe

In 1824 crew of the Whaleship Globe from Nantucket mutinied near Fanning Island (part of Kiribati) in the Central Pacific Ocean. The crisis was part of a plan driven by Sam Comstock. It appeared he had shipped out on the Globe to fulfill his dream of becoming King of his own Pacific Island. Six Vineyard whalemen were murdered, along with seven others out of a crew of 21.

According to Alexander Starbuck in The History of American Whale Fishery, "It was the most horrible mutiny that is recounted in the annals of the whale-fishery from any port of any nation."

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