More About Laura's Family

Jared Jernegan and his young family lived in a house at 33 South Summer Street in Edgartown. It was a short walk to Main Street and not much further to the harbor. In 1861, while at home between voyages, he planted four Linden trees in front of the house that still grow today.

Often away for as long as three years at a time, Jared was a devoted family man who wrote loving letters home. In March 1865, a lonely Jared wrote to Helen encouraging her to bring Laura to Hawaii so they could sail home together on the Oriole. Helen went alone, fearing it would be difficult for a three year old to make that trip. Laura stayed with relatives in Edgartown until her parents returned together seven months later.

In 1868, Captain Jernegan readied his young family to leave their Edgartown life behind and head for the Pacific Ocean in pursuit of whaling profits.

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