The weather is an important factor for any ship at sea. Either the Captain or the First Mate religiously made daily entries in the Roman's log. Like them, Laura reported the conditions of the sea and sky almost every day in her journal. From tempest, gale or squall to calm and pleasant, it was all part of the journey. A reference to what she wore was also telling of the weather. On Sunday, December 14, she wrote: "We have put on our flannels" no doubt meaning the air was chilly.

Laura's mother was also curious about weather. Whenever the wind blew strongly we know from her memoirs that she would ask Jared if it was a gale. He almost always replied, "No, this is only half a gale." The one time he called her on deck to show her what a full gale felt like, she claimed that the difference did not seem to her at all surprising!

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image of squall

Wikimedia Commons George Davidson