Rounding the Horn

Jan. 4, 1869

We passed Cape Horn today. It is a very large black rock. Some of the rocks look like a steeple of a church. Good bye for To Day


The Roman rounded Cape Horn sailing into the Pacific Ocean on January 4, 1869. Cape Horn is the most southerly point of South America and marks the northern boundary of the Drake Passage. The waters are hazardous and it is notorious as a sailors' graveyard. The Jernegan family was no doubt relieved to have made this passage safely. After two months at sea, the sight of land at the tip of South America must have been exciting.

Laura's mother Helen had looked forward to seeing Cape Horn for a second time. In 1866 she had seen it when she was headed home with Jared on the Oriole. She hoped the weather would be nice enough to see the "great black rocks lined with penguins that stood in rows like soldiers."

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image of cape_horn

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