Juan Fernandez Islands

Jan. 25, 1869

This afternoon Papa and Mama went ashore of Juan Fernandez. She brought me a basket of flowers. Good Bye For To Day.


On Monday, Jan. 25, 1869, the Roman arrived at the Juan Fernandez Islands, an archipelago about 435 miles off the coast of Chile in South America. The island of Isla Mas a Tierra, where Helen went on shore, is the largest of the three islands and was renamed "Robinson Crusoe Island" in 1966.

Isla Mas a Tierra was a common place for whaleships to stop and take on fresh provisions. The Roman did exactly that: took on fresh water and produce for the family and crew. Although Laura and Prescott stayed on board the ship while their parents went ashore, they had happy memories of the place in the form of flowers and fresh fruit that their mother brought back to them.

Helen recalled that there were few white people on the island and they didn't speak English. She was also impressed by the beautiful gardens and fresh fruit. It was an uneventful but pleasant visit.

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