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Laura was almost exactly four and a half years older than Prescott, and her mother assigned her the responsibility of watching him much of the time. In one journal entry she wrote that Prescott went to bed every morning at 10 o'clock. This was when she was 'off duty' and when she would do her lessons with her mother. Laura and her mother helped him learn the alphabet from an old rubber ball with raised red and blue letters. It's interesting to notice how many times Prescott is mentioned in his big sister's journal.

Watching her mother's handicrafts take shape inspired Laura to make things like a hat for Prescott or baby dolls for herself. She made a toilet cushion out of red and green yarn which she called worsted and watched as her mother made her a dress. During the long journey, the 2310 pieces of Helen's log cabin quilt were carefully being joined by hand.

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