Looking Back cont.

The physical confines of the Roman limited the children's options of places to play and work, so they had to be inventive! There were two portholes in the stern of the ship. Helen remembered that "Prescott and Laura used to climb up on the transom and amuse themselves by watching the sharks follow the ship. Sometimes the men would catch one of these very large man-eating sharks!" Another of Laura's favorite pastimes down in the cabin was to "dress up," stand in a chair and sing songs to an imaginary audience.

Laura didn't often write about her life in Edgartown. But on Feb. 7, 1869, when she mentioned her half brother, Alymer in her journal, she most likely was looking back on a life very different from the one she was experiencing. She referred to him as "Allie" and noted that it was his fifteenth birthday.

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