First Lahaina Then Honolulu cont.

The harbormaster records from Honolulu. show that the ship arrived on March 27, 1869, in The Friend; A monthly Journal devoted to Temperance, Seamen, Marine and General Intelligence, published in Honolulu by Samuel C. Damon, Seamen's Chaplain. In its section on Arrivals and Departures, the publication noted the arrival of the Roman from New Bedford on March 28, 1869.

Laura's mother, Helen, later recalled in her memoirs: "Just five months from the day we left New Bedford, we landed in Honolulu. This is a most beautiful island and climate, and I love to think of the pleasant days I spent there. " She remembered that two year old Prescott had been on the ship so long that he had forgotten what land was like. When they arrived he cried, not wanting to get off the boat. As an adult, Prescott wrote: "The sea was my first home; in the long voyage from New Bedford to Honolulu I had forgotten land."

In March, another arrival in Honolulu noted by The Friend was that of the Europa, captained by Thomas Mellen of Edgartown. His wife Katie and their two year old daughter, also named Laura, were with him. Helen Jernegan and her children joined them in a cottage on Fort Street, while the two captains readied their vessels for the trip north to the Arctic.

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Courtesy of Hawaii State Archives