Women and Children in Honolulu cont.

As an adult, Laura recalled this time in her life fondly. "At the Front Street cottage in Honolulu where we lived, there was a tree in the back yard and I used to climb up in it, a book under my arm. Also several slices of bread and butter and read and eat. I can remember now how good that bread and butter tasted, also the exact shape of the long slices."

Honolulu was a popular port. While there, Helen's brother Henry came to see her and the children. He was on a whaling voyage on the ship Janus with Captain Frank Smith, also of Edgartown. The Janus had sailed from the south Pacific Islands of "Ponape" in Micronesia north of Guam, and eventually arrived in the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii). What a small world meeting another uncle half a world away from home!

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Courtesy of Hawaii State Archives