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Feb. 10, 1871

It is quite rough today. But it is fair wind. We have 135 barrels of oil, 60 of Humpback and 75 Sperm. We had two birds, there is one now. One died. Their names were Dick and Lulu. Dick died. Lulu is going to. Prescott has a little dog, its name is Tony. We have not seen a ship since we have left Honolulu. Prescott is playing with Papa. I am in the fourth reader and the fifth writing book. Good Bye For To Day.


What a difference in Laura's journal since February, 1869, when the family arrived in Honolulu. Her handwriting indicated that she had been practicing her penmanship and the length of each entry showed how much more information she was capable of processing in one journal entry. She and Prescott were both two years older-she was eight and he was four.

Both Helen and Jared busied themselves with the chores of making and fixing things in their home aboard ship. Laura reported that her mother was making a sack, or a loose fitting coat, and her father was fixing the sink.

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