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Laura's journal includes weather reports interspersed with details of daily life aboard a ship at sea. The trap had caught five mice and the hens had laid 37 eggs. Prescott had been on deck even though it wasn't a very nice day. He was talking with the cook who was mending the flag. A whale was sighted and they had mutton for dinner. Laura's story was becoming more detiled and colorful with each descriptive entry.

Chicken, Mice and Visitors

Feb. 14, 1871

We saw a ship her name was the Lizzyrosy. Papa spoke her. It is quite pleasant today, and smooth. We saw black fish this morning and Papa lowered the boats. They did not catch any. We lowered the boats this afternoon but have not caught any yet, but I hope we shall. Good Bye For To Day.


The chickens on board the Roman were part of Laura's daily reporting as she noted how many eggs were laid. After having not seen any other ships in a good long time, there was excitement in the air as they 'spoke' with the Lizzyrosy. Shortly after that, they communicated with the Emily Morgan.

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