Longing for Land

Feb. 18, 1871

It has been quite rough this afternoon. I want to go to Honolulu very much. Prescott is up on deck playing. I am going up now. Prescott first came down here he did not speak to me. We saw a jumper. Papa thought it was a sperm whale, but it was not. Mama has 60 eggs. Good Bye For To Day.


After the distraction of the gam with the Dexters and the Emily Morgan, The Jernegans' life at sea turned routine again. A day later, however, on Feb. 20th, there was plenty to write about, even though twice in her entry Laura complained that there wasn't much to write! Whales were sighted, boats were lowered and six whales were caught. Prescott spent time on deck watching the cutting process, as did Laura; she also spent time reading in the small house on deck. Helen's chickens continued to produce lots of eggs.

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Ron Druett