Quick and Quiet Get Away

A second boatsteerer and native of the area, John Hilo, yelled that they had done enough damage and to stop the rebellion. The mutineers then lowered the three whaleboats into the water and headed for the island, yelling they'd be back to burn the ship if Captain Jernegan tried to get away.

Once the fourth mate and his party returned to the Roman, the Captain prepared to flee from the area. Knowing that the sound of raising the anchor would be heard by the mutineers, he decided to slip the anchor cable and sail away as quickly as possible. Only nine crew members were there to work the vessel, but with a breeze rising, they knew that was what they had to do to survive. The second mate was badly injured, but eventually recovered. The first mate was found unconscious in the rigging once the ship was under sail. He had almost been killed, but he too survived.

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