Safe in Honolulu

The Roman arrived in Honolulu in March, 1871. The Jernegan family and the remaining crew of nine were shaken, but safe. The Friend noted in May, 1871, "Naval: It is reported that the Rear Admiral John A. Winslow, commanding the US Pacific Fleet at San Francisco, has ordered the US Ship St. Mary's, Commander Harris, to proceed from Callao (the port for Lima, Peru), to the Marquesas Islands, for the purpose of arresting the mutineers of the whaleship Roman."

"The Friend" in Honolulu had this note under "Memoranda": Ship Roman: During the visit of this ship at the Marquesas Islands, in consequence of the crew being refused liberty (although promised it to them at Honolulu) seventeen of the crew fled, stealing a boat and escaping to the mountains. They had a severe encounter with the mate, who was severely injured, but he is now at the United States Hospital doing well."

Although there was bloodshed, no one was killed in the mutiny. On April 10, 1871, after the Roman returned the Honolulu, Captain Jernegan filed desertion papers for the seventeen crew members left behind in Tahuata, and took on new crew for the Arctic season. Captain and Mrs. Jernegan decided it was time for Helen to return with the children to Martha's Vineyard while the Roman made one more trip to the Arctic.

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