Returning and Reconnecting

Following their cross-country train trip, Captain Jared Jernegan’s family arrived home in early June, 1871. Helen, Laura and Prescott resumed their lives there following over thirty months “on the go”. Helen rededicated herself to housekeeping while the children began to get reacquainted with their home and neighborhood.

Helen’s priority was to raise her family, keeping the home fires burning while her husband continued to hunt whales in the Arctic. Word reached her of the Roman’s September disaster on or around November 7, 1871 and before long her family was united again.

Despite the fact that her husband was often away for long periods of time over the next ten years, she was able to enjoy the improvements he made to their house each time he was home. The neighborhood Linden trees, now grown tall and stately, wafted their scent over the entire neighborhood every June.

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