Transcontinental Railroad to Utah, cont.

Salt Lake City, the home of the Morman Church, was where their iconic temple was under construction between 1853 and 1893. When the Jernegans arrived in town, the corner foundations had been recently laid. The recent completion of the Transcontinental Railroad meant that granite could be delivered by rail to the building site, rather than tediously brought from the canyons by oxen.

The family heard the largest pipe organ in the world being played at the Morman Tabernacle and visited Brigham Young, leader of the Church, in his home, "The Beehive House." According to Helen's memoirs, he received the Jernegans politely and proudly introduced them to many of his sixteen wives. They also saw Young and several of his wives again at the Salt Lake Theater where they saw the play Hamlet, starring Edwin Booth.

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