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Captain Archibald Mellen's Cenotaph

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Mark Lovewell

A cenotaph is a monument erected in honor of a person or group of people who's remains are elsewhere. This cenotaph is a memorial for Captain Archibald Mellen, who was killed in a mutiny aboard the ship Junior in 1857. It is located in the cemetery on Pease's point Way in Edgartown Massachusetts.
It is engraved with "Capt. Archibald Mellen, Jr.
born at Tisbury, June 5, 1830 and murdered on board Ship Junior of New Bedford off the coast of New Zealand. Dec. 25, 1857: by Cyrus W. Plummer, who with others of his crew had entered into a conspiracy to seize the Ship and proceed to the gold digging of Australia.
Thus at an early age, at the flood tide of successful manhood, an intelligent, honest and worthy man became the innocent victim of the insatiable ambition of these conspirators."

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