Laura Jernegan (Spear) (1862-1947)

Laura Jernegan was born to Helen McClellen Clark and Captain Jared Jernegan in Edgartown on June 29, 1862. Her father had left for the Pacific Ocean twenty six days prior to her birth. Fortunately, Helen's extended family in Edgartown was there to greet the baby and to support the young mother. Jared's 8 year old son Alymer was also there to meet his baby sister.

After an unlucky voyage on the Erie that was ended by a hurricane off Cape Horn, Laura's father returned to Edgartown in November, 1862. He was delighted to be home with his family, especially infant Laura, who "brought out the tenderness hidden under the shell of the rough captain." Happy to be there with Laura, Helen and his son, Alymer, Jared stayed in Edgartown until the call of the sea and the need to support his family took him away six months later.

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