According to an article in the Vineyard Gazette, "the bride looked all that was lovely and charming. She wore an elegant gown of brocade, silk, court train, cut decollete , trimmed with point guipure and gold lace, and carried a bouquet of bride roses. The groom was in full dress uniform of his rank in the service."

When Laura's husband was transferred to Baltimore, she accompanied him and studied art at the Maryland Institute, becoming a talented watercolorist. They had a son, Carleton.

After her husband's death in 1912, Laura moved back to Edgartown with Carleton. There she opened an antique shop and tea room called "Tea Garden in the Pines" in their South Summer Street home. Laura became interested in mounting and classifying sea mosses collected from surrounding waters. Turning them into greeting cards, pictures frames and books, she sold them in her shop along with heirlooms.

Laura lived the rest of her life in a small house at "Oakdale" near Trapp's Pond in Edgartown. She died at the age of 85, on June 30, 1947.

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