Seven months after the couple's return to Edgartown, their son Prescott Ford was born on December 17, 1866. Less than two years later, on Oct. 29 1868, the now family of four left on the bark Roman together. Prescott was 22 months and Laura six years old. Helen would return to her role of teacher as they embarked on this adventure where the world was their classroom.

After the voyage on the Roman, Helen returned to Edgartown to raise her family in 1871. In 1872, a third child, Marcus Wilson, was born. She "kept the home fires burning" while Jared continued to ship out during the next 17 years. Mrs. Jernegan was indeed a proud and strong lady who did her best to care for their family during his absences.

Helen was the last of Edgartown's seafaring women and probably one of the most famous. She was the only Island woman to have twice sailed around Cape Horn and also the first white woman to land at Nukahiva in the Marquesas Islands. She witnessed a mutiny at sea and lived like a queen in Hawaii, picnicking on Waikiki Beach when only natives rode surfboards. She had two sons who were college educated and a daughter who studied at the New England Conservatory of Music and the Maryland Art Institute.

Helen, loving wife and mother, lived a long life. She died in her 94th year on Martha's Vineyard in February, 1934.

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