In 1866, their son Prescott was born. Jared's previous voyage on the Oriole was profitable, so he was content to stay on shore for a longer time, getting to know his young family. In October 1868, the Captain once again went to sea. This time, he took his family along on the Bark Roman out of New Bedford. After arriving in Honolulu, he left for the Arctic whaling season, leaving Helen and the children there to wait for his return. For the next three years, he divided his time between the Arctic and seasonal cruises with his family in the South Pacific.

In 1871, the Roman was crushed by ice and sank in the Arctic. Over 1200 men, women and children whose ships had either sunk or were trapped in the ice were rescued and returned to Hawaii. Captain Jernegan was among them. From there Jared took a steamer to San Francisco and the train back to New England to reunite with his family.

Jared’s third son, Marcus, was born in 1872. After that he went on seven more whaling voyages, but none of them lasted more than two years.

Captain Jernegan's final cruise was between seasons in the bark Mary and Susan . He departed San Francisco in November 1887 and arrived home to retire in April 1888. He happily lived with his wife Helen in his childhood home at 33 South Water Street in Edgartown. Jared died on January 13, 1899 at the age of 74.

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