On June 16, 1873, a second son, Archibald M. Mellen, was born in Edgartown to Katie and Captain Mellen. (Their first son, Walter had died in infancy in 1863.) In the late 1870s Katie Mellen took young Archie to join the Captain on the Europa in New Zealand. They traveled for another 52 months before returning to Martha’s Vineyard. While on board, Mrs. Mellen sewed and knitted for her family. She also played the organ for Sunday church services in which the hands would participate and sing hymns. The family had two dogs and canaries on board.

Captain Mellen retired from whaling in Edgartown in 1890, but not from being an active community member. He bought the grocery business of the late Captain Richard Holley on Main Street as well as becoming Town Clerk, an auctioneer, and insurance and real estate agent. Mellen was well regarded on Martha’s Vineyard as well as in New Bedford.

Mrs. Katie Mellen died at age 66 on Oct. 15, 1908. Captain Thomas Mellen died of heart disease on Saturday, December 12, 1911 at age 77. His funeral was held at his residence on Main Street in Edgartown.

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