Honolulu Again

September 26, 1870

It has blown real hard for two days. Prescott cut his foot last night, it bled. I am in Honolulu. It is a real pretty place. Mama is making a dress for me. Papa is up north where it is cold. He will come back pretty soon. I have two kittens here and one aboard the ship. Good Bye For To Day.


Return to Fort Street

After five months at sea 'cruising' the South Pacific between Artic seasons, the Roman returned to Honolulu on March 21, 1870. Helen and the children were once again glad to be back on land. This time Jared rented a small cottage on Fort Street with four rooms just for the family and Laura's two kittens.

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image of hotel_union_sts_1879

Courtesy of Hawaii State Archives