Prescott’s Education Begins

Laura’s brother Prescott was five years old and ready to enter school at the end of the voyage. A very curious and active child, it must have been an interesting transition for him to settle into the routines of an actual school day. By age 12 he was a tall and active, overgrown lad who had read some 200 books about travel and adventure.

Back in Edgartown, Prescott attended the Edgartown Baptist Church. As a young boy, he declared early on that he wanted to be a Christian. Prescott went to Phillips Academy Andover at age 16 with ministry as his goal. He would eventually graduate from Brown University in Providence, RI before being ordained to the Baptist Ministry.

Prescott’s penchant for scheming showed up early in his life. The next chapters illuminate the life of a very imaginative young man who went from minister to scoundrel in many people’s minds.

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